About Culture Wuzhen

Culture Wuzhen Co., Ltd was established on February 20, 2013 with registered capital of 100 million RMB. Chen Xianghong, Co-Founder of Wuzhen Theatre Festival, also serves as the Chairman of Culture Wuzhen Co., Ltd.

The establishment of “Culture Wuzhen” aims at carrying on and developing Wuzhen’s local culture, spreading Wuzhen’s history of over a thousand years, expanding resources for tourism, and forming a cultural industry chain with Wuzhen’s characteristics. The establishment of Culture Wuzhen Co., Ltd adds heightened cultural activity to the tourism usually associated with Wuzhen, giving the town a new artistic image.

“Culture Wuzhen” will be rooted in local culture, advance and enrich local culture and art, on one hand preserving the treasures of Chinese culture, and on another, reaching out to the world to become a meeting point for the spirit of the cultural arts. The vision for the development of “Culture Wuzhen” is to become: an outstanding “palace” for the nation’s art performances, an important member of the world’s most influential theatres, a force for arts education and practice, an active platform for cultural exchanges between China and countries abroad, and a significant base for cultural creative industry.

Utilizing the nation’s best resources for tourism, “Culture Wuzhen” aims at a cultural renaissance, carries out the mission to cultivate local talent and to nurture people’s aesthetic awareness, and lastly, intends to create a distinctive Chinese town uniquely devoted to the cultural arts. Building on the success of Wuzhen Theatre Festival, “Culture Wuzhen” developed “Wuzhen Theatre Incubation Base” to encourage young artists, and invited performances from around China and from overseas for the enjoyment of the local inhabitants. In 2015, the new play The Grand Master, produced by Culture Wuzhen Co., Ltd., has been nominated for the Art Project of Excellence by the National Arts Foundation and will begin to tour around China. We believe the quality of the performances offered in Wuzhen will continue to climb, and “Culture Wuzhen” will be the main force for developing a cultural performance sector.