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Tian Qinxin
Artistic Consultant

Tian Qinxin is theatre Director of the National Theatre of China, Television and Theatre of Peking University, and one of the most established and influential cutting-edge theatre Directors of contemporary China. She is a member of the Chinese Theatre Hall of Fame, and received "Person of the Year Award" at the 2014 Chinese International Presenters' Convention. Blending the charm of Chinese and Western classical plays with the stage expression of contemporary social issues, her works boast blazing visual effects that she seeks to reconcile with the fervent art and aesthetics of the oriental. Establishing an intriguing space-time structure for contemporary Chinese theatre aesthetics, Tian Qinxin has developed a school of her own. Tian’s visual effects emphasize physical movement along with the beauty of scenery and costumes; she also features poetic dialogue. Most of her work also has a strong experimental character, such that she is considered one of the foremost avant-garde/experimental theatre Directors in China. Her most famous plays include The Field of Life and Death, Orphan of The Zhao, Red Rose and White Rose, The Tales of Ming Dynasty, The Yellow Storm, and Green Snake; her musicals include Song of Light and Shadow; her Kun Opera includes The Peach Blossom Fan. In 2005 she directed The Field of Life and Death in Korea for the Michoo Theatre. Her Green Snake was invited to perform at the Kennedy Center in the USA, as well as at the Edinburgh Festival. Her Sai Jinhua toured 5 US cities.


Tian Qinxin is also a member of the jury for this year’s Festival.